Gratitude and Joy


Working in gems and jewelry wasn’t an obvious career path for me.  After all, going to American University in International Service, Georgetown Law, and graduate school in International Relations at Yale tends to tee up a student for a career in a well-paid law firm or consultancy, in high government, or in lofty academics.  In fact, nearly all of my classmates are now working in these fields.  More than a few of them are making our universities proud in usual and unusual ways.  I am also very proud of all their work.

My fortunes led me along different paths.  A dear friend calls me “equally left brained and right brained.”  I consider this both a serious compliment and a serious challenge.  What my friend means is that my creative sense is no more and no less strong than my rational sense.  I therefore need a very special career.  In fact, only a career I tailor for myself will truly fit.

The luxury bespoke jewelry house I founded in 2014 as The Intrepid Wendell was at first stamped out of my intellect — both creative and rational.  But it never was a vanity project for me.  The Intrepid Wendell has developed its style and short heritage because of the team of inspirational coworkers around the world who have taken on the magic spirit of sharing joy with clients and one another.  Each of us arrives at the task with unwaveringly high design values.  While we hold our collective feet to the fire building inspirational jewelry, we are also committed to making a rational and respected business.

At the start of 2020, I am grateful to all who understand the joy of The Intrepid Wendell.  To all my clients, colleagues, friends, and other associates who live and work on literally every continent and on the oceans between them, I repeat loudly:


Happy New Year 2020!

 –Daniel Boettcher

Wendell on a ski lift in a tree

Wendell — on skis! — is featured on our 2019 Holiday card.

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