Orange Diamonds

Mens' wedding band set with orange and colorless diamonds in 18 karat gold

Orange Diamonds

The Intrepid Wendell was commissioned to build this beautiful men’s wedding ring in orange diamond and yellow gold.  It is stunning to be sure.  In fact, even I haven’t seen one like it before.

The stones in the ring are small trapezoidal faceted natural diamonds. Specifically, they are orange and sit side-by-side, creating a wash of color and elegance.

Most people have never seen an orange diamond. In fact, they are very rare. The question is begged: “why is the diamond orange?”

We know that diamond crystals are among the most simple inorganic chemical constructions in the universe. When carbon atoms line up and are fused together under extreme heat and pressure in the inside of the earth, we get a diamond.

Sometimes, an extra element gets picked up as the diamond crystal is assembled. These different elements, when found in minuscule amounts in the diamond crystal, can cause the diamond to appear to have brilliant color. Natural diamond comes in every color, with red being the most rare and black the most common.

The diamonds in this awesome ring surely have a scattering of nitrogen in the carbon crystal. Some scientists think that when these nitrogen elements elbowed their way into these stones, it gave us a beautiful orange.

We are grateful to our client who commissioned this ring and its companion and trusted our creative process.  We are also most grateful that they have given us permission to share their joy through this blog post.





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