Fine Gemstone Jewelry

The Intrepid Wendell creates unique custom jewelry with fine gemstones from around the globe. From the timeless diamond to evocative colored stones, our collection lends itself to remarkable gemstone jewelry.

Stunning Gemstone Colors and Rich Histories

Fine gemstones add eye-catching dimension to jewelry. Including these gemstones in bespoke pieces speaks to your originality and adds additional symbolic meaning. The Intrepid Wendell sources gemstones from around the world to create an expansive collection of gemstone types and colors.

Our selection of fine gemstones features precision-cut stones like yellow sapphire, rubellite garnet, and pallasitic peridot. We source pearls that originate from Japanese, Australian, and French Polynesian waters to offer the gem’s full range of colors. The Intrepid Wendell also sources diamonds in many sizes and in colorless and colored varieties.

Specific gemstones may have personal meaning for you, and they hold symbolic meaning due to how they were worn throughout history. With generations of use by royals, leaders, and other renowned historical figures, gemstones can represent themes like peace, royalty, and protection. A custom pearl engagement ring captures the elegance of Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren, while symbolizing wisdom and serenity. Ruby earrings evoke images of the Crown Jewels of England, where they represent power and wealth.

Every gemstone has a history that you can intertwine with your narrative. Design a piece that is unequivocally yours, whether you choose a Sri Lankan sapphire or a black Tahitian pearl.

Qualified by GIA-Certified Gemologists

The Intrepid Wendell verifies that every stone is worth its price. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a system for defining the quality of gemstones based on color, clarity, and other defining characteristics. Our in-house GIA-certified gemologists test every gemstone with this grading system to confirm its authenticity and quality.

Jewelry is precious and personal. The time we take to source fine gemstones and verify their qualities speaks to our commitment to creating high-value luxury pieces. The Intrepid Wendell ensures every gemstone earns its place in our bespoke jewelry.

Create Custom Gemstone Jewelry With The Intrepid Wendell

We get to know you in order to create bespoke pieces that become an extension of yourself. Our fine gemstones are often central to the look and feel of your final design. Explore our collection of gemstones to find the one that speaks to you. Contact us today to begin the design process for your custom piece.