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Our uniquely collaborative approach to custom jewelry design allows us to unearth, discover, craft, and share your jewelry and your joy in a way that tells your story perfectly.

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01 Unearth
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Unearthing your materials
Creating jewelry requires the best materials. The Intrepid Wendell travels to the beginnings — and some of the endings — of the earth to assemble rare and unique materials. They are the kinds of materials that you don’t see anywhere else.
02 Discover
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Discovering your story
From what makes you tick to what (or who) puts a smile on your face, crafting your custom piece starts with getting to know who you are. Every piece we create is designed to tell a story that’s beautiful, interesting and totally unique to you.
03 Craft
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Crafting your masterpiece
Once we begin our collaborative design process, we’ll dream up custom designs that bring your favorite materials and your unique story together. And we’ll work together with you to make sure every last detail is just right.
04 Share
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Sharing your joy
The last part of creating your custom jewelry is the most fun of all — joyfully giving it to the one you love, or wearing it for all the world to see.


“The pieces in my collection hail from around the world, but the bespoke creations of the Intrepid Wendell speak to my soul. The Intrepid Wendell experience—from introduction to closure—is unparalleled in care and quality. Once your eyes set upon the prize, you realize this master craftsman knew you all along. Every time I don my earrings, I’m reminded of the journey. It delivers its promise: pure joy.”

Lily Hanna, MD Client

“How do you capture the essence of one’s beauty and soul with a piece of jewelry? That was my question when I approached The Intrepid Wendell about crafting a tiara for the Ambassador of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation to wear at its signature fashion show gala. Instantly I found myself working with a team of people with vision, creativity, and passion the likes of which I didn’t know existed. The group spent the time to get to know the young lady and crafted a piece that was beautiful, unique to her, and transcended what I thought was possible. I’ll be forever grateful for the care the team took to create this wonderful piece and amazing endeavor.”

Nondo Dominic Capuano Client

“Daniel is one of those rare artists whose sensitivity, creativity, vision, and execution are in alignment at all times. His read on what I wanted, its functionality in my day-to-day life, and the process of realizing this one-of-a-kind piece, astounded me. I am grateful to Daniel for creating a piece that makes a statement to the world and perfectly aligns with who I am.”

Elliot Moore Music Director & Conductor at the Longmont Symphony Orchestra and Founder of Music & Moore Foundation

"The custom jewelry I’ve purchased from the Intrepid Wendell are truly one of a kind. I expressed in general terms to Dan and Josh what I was looking for in a wedding band and in a necklace. What they created both exceeded my expectations and were exactly what I wanted. It is obvious that they use the best materials and gems. I regularly receive compliments on the beauty of the pieces made just for me. They are wonderful to work with!"

Pamela Gauthier Client

We are thrilled with our custom wedding sets from The Intrepid Wendell. The team was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and supported us well throughout the process of creating pieces that support us and our love. We couldn´t recommend The Intrepid Wendell more highly!

K & K Client

"After receiving several pieces of jewelry from my family, I was at a loss as to what to do with them. They included a diamond engagement ring that belonged to my great aunt and two diamond cocktail rings worn by my grandmother. As the only grandson, I was honored to receive these pieces. However, I wanted to find something to do with them rather than keeping them in a drawer. I was introduced to the Intrepid Wendell and thought if anyone could find a solution, they could. My goal was to create something distinguished and masculine, which wasn't an easy task with seven carats of diamonds.  The clever and creative mind of Joshua Collier is both admirable and impressive, and the complementary perfectionism Dan brings to the final product is what makes this white-gloved company something remarkable. The final product was a gentlemen's set consisting of a ring, cufflinks, and shirt studs. All stylistically complementary, breathtaking, and completely unique. I couldn't have asked for a better final product.  Given how intimate jewelry is to the person wearing it, The Intrepid Wendell managed to craft an even more personalized experience from start to finish, making this beyond a first-class experience.  I was so impressed that I have them working on another project."

Justin Paulhamus Client