Akoya Pearls

Different pearl varieties feature unique characteristics, including colors, shapes, and sizes. Akoya pearls offer color consistency and roundness, making them ideal for strings of pearls and other jewelry. Design a bespoke piece with these timeless stones.

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Characteristics of Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearls are often what people picture when they think of the stone. These classic pearls are often associated with famous women like Coco Chanel, Princess Diana, and Jackie Kennedy. These women have made Akoya pearls synonymous with class and sophistication.

Akoya pearls were the first of all pearl types to be cultured. Kokichi Mikimoto developed the process in the late 1800s in Japan. Today, Japan is still the largest producer of Akoya pearls. Korea and Vietnam also cultivate these pearls, but to a much lesser extent than Japan. The Pinctada fucata oyster forms Akoya pearls, the smallest of all pearl-producing oysters.

The small size of Pinctada fucata oysters means that Akoya pearls are much smaller than South Sea and Tahitian varieties. These pearls typically range from 3mm to 9mm. One of the most notable traits of Akoya pearls is that they are usually perfectly round. Drop shapes and baroque can occur, but they are less common.

Akoya pearls are the most abundant pearls in nature. They offer impressive consistency in color and roundness, making them excellent for a pearl necklace. Akoya pearls feature neutral colors and overtones. Base colors range from white to gray, and standard overtones include pink, green, and silver. Some Akoya pearls are blue with silver or pink overtones.

Bespoke Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya pearl jewelry brings class and sophistication to any collection. From strings of pearls to versatile pearl earrings, Akoya pearls are a beautiful stone to use in a custom piece. The Intrepid Wendell sources these pearls from the largest pearl market in Hong Kong after they have been cultured and harvested in their respective locales. Our designers can take the classic look of an Akoya pearl and turn it into a completely original piece.

Our team of in-house GIA-certified gemologists tests all pearls to verify their quality. We collaborate with you to design your custom piece, and our skilled artisans bring it to life. Our bespoke jewelry can add to your personal collection or be a unique, personal gift for someone you love.

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