Longmont, CO, 2019

On Friendship and The Elliot Clef

“The Elliot Clef”

This year, I had the great joy of meeting and becoming friends with the conductor of the Longmont (Colorado) Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Elliot Moore.  I met Elliot with my parents over a memorable meal of Colorado buffalo and Italian wine.

I liked Elliot immediately.  His enthusiasm for music, his vision for music as service to the world, and his charm were impressive.  We sat together breaking bread and sharing joy for four hours.  I asked Elliot if I could make a piece of jewelry for him to wear as my personal salute to his artistic vision.

Inspiration for the piece wasn’t hard to come by: Elliot loves Bach and so do I.  Elliot sent me a handwritten note after our dinner.  His penmanship immediately reminded me of a special signature by our favorite musician.

Bach’s Signature

J.S. Bach was a profound musical geek who had a clever way of signing his name. Other musicians reading this can decode the image into a name by turning the picture ninety degrees at a time. As the staff ligature changes, the letter of the note on the clef changes from B to A to C and finally to H. Quite a signature.

Back at Wendell’s office, using the magic of technology and our idea of making a signature lapel pin, we took Elliot’s signature and placed it on a staff.  However, unlike Bach’s name, which revolved around the four existing clefs, we decided that Elliot’s name should become its own clef.  Completing the design is a breve on the staff after Elliot’s signature.  The breve is a marking for a double whole note, which is the longest duration of note for which there is a standard notation.  The piece is made in 18-karat cast white and yellow gold and attaches to a garment with two 14-karat gold straight pins.

Only Elliot can define how that note will sound on his own clef.  But it is my great hope that I will learn – over many years of growth and friendship together – how Elliot’s clef sounds.  And it is with great joy that we at The Intrepid Wendell can share our playful adaptation of Elliot’s signature with him.

We have had a wonderful and joyful year at The Intrepid Wendell and have made many new friends along the way.  We look forward to a prosperous and joyful 2019.

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