Washington D.C., 2022
Jewelry Chain Care Guide

A chain conveys much about the man who wears it. A chain conveys wealth. Taste. Fashion. For generations, chains have reminded us of armor, tradition, and status. Whether it’s made of gold, silver, or platinum, a pendant, rolo, rope, or curb, a chain is both a fine piece of jewelry, and a hard asset.

Different types of Chains

Selecting a chain demands that  you educate yourself on the different types of jewelry chain. Certain metals determine how the chains are woven together. A wheat chain links braids together until it resembles a stalk of grain. A herringbone chain lays flat like the scales on a fish. Curb chains interlock oval shaped links to lay flat on the skin. 

Precious metals make the most valuable, most appealing chains. Whether gold, silver, platinum, the finest material should be used for jewelry making. If you want to get people’s attention, wear your wealth around your neck.

How to care and clean gold chain jewelry

Gold lasts forever if you care for it properly. As a soft metal, though, it’s easily scratched. It will only shine as long as you keep it polished. Overtime, oils from your skin, dust, and soap create a film over golden chains. To keep tarnish from your gold jewelry, clean regularly using the following steps. 

1. Remove your jewelry before bathing. 

When you wash up, keep your gold chain far from the water. 

2. Never wear gold jewelry in a pool. 

Water will tarnish your gold. Chlorine and other pool chemicals will absolutely ruin your gold chains. As impressive as it looks to wear gold over skin, protect the long term investment and leave it off. 

3. Keep your jewelry separate in storage

Hang your gold chains to prevent them from tangling. A tangled chain is susceptible to breaking. Use dividers in your jewelry box to keep soft metals from rubbing against each other. 

4. Buff Your Jewelry

Use a chamois once a month to smooth the surface of your jewelry to help restore the metallic sheen. It’s an easy step before a full cleaning. When that time comes, here is how you clean a gold chain. 

5. Use Liquid Dishwashing Soap in Warm Water

Mix dishwashing soap in a bowl filled with warm water. Dish soap is less abrasive than other cleaners.

6. Let the Jewelry Soak

Place your golden jewelry in the soap solution for up to three hours. This solution will not damage gold so do not worry about getting the jewelry out immediately. If your gold chains have any stones, do not soak them. Put the solution on a cloth and wipe down your jewelry rather than soaking. 

7. Rub the Jewelry Down One Item At a Time

Like keeping chains stored separately, polish jewelry items individually to avoid scratching. Use a cotton swab or child’s toothbrush where the chain links connect.

8. Rinse the Solution Off with Warm Running Water

Place the single item under the faucet and let the warm water wash away the soapy solution to leave your chain looking clean and shimmering. 

9. Dry Your Jewelry 

Never put your jewelry away wet. Always dry it with a soft cloth or allow it to air dry on the counter.

10. Clean Your Jewelry Frequently

Set your calendar for a cleaning every three months. If you keep up with the cleanings, your gold jewelry will maintain its allure. 


A gold chain is timeless. It’s an item conveying tradition, prosperity, and style. It’s a statement piece as old as jewelry itself. More than fashion, a gold chain is a hard asset. Give it the longest, most impressive run by keeping the chain polished and clean. The reward befits the gold that holds it together.

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