Letters from Wendell

Dear friends of The Intrepid Wendell,

The personal notes I have been writing as blog posts are getting a new life in an old medium.

A new communication called Letters from Wendell will be produced four to five times a year. It will be delivered to you the Old Fashioned Way: by post.

The electronic Joyfully Cast Blog will continue to provide content. However, the content will come from a variety of sources, may not be in my voice, and will be more commercial in nature.

The personal touch of communicating emotions is personally important to me and to my brand. The electronic format makes it difficult for some messages to seem as personal as they are meant to be.

If you would like to receive Letters from Wendell in your mailbox, please indicate your preference by replying to this email with your preferred address for delivery. If you miss the email, you can subscribe electronically here. Delivery is available from the USA to any address in the world and the price of subscription is zero.

Until you hear from me by post, remember:

I Love to Share Your Joy.

Daniel Boettcher


The Intrepid Wendell

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